Dear Humans

The world is falling apart while few of us seem to care.
The apathy is so pervasive it reaches into hitherto wild places –
they dwindle away before our eyes leaving skeletons and the homeless behind.

The ancient community of the Barrier Reef,
struggling against rising sea temperatures,
coral bleaching,
foreign species invasions,
overfishing and fertiliser run-off
is now being smothered in a sludge –
because we are not even looking where we are going.

Eyes tightly shut.
Exxon Valdez re-run.
Do we humans never learn?
Can’t we even remembered what happened only yesterday?

Our cities survive only because there are places were the clean water, food and air come from.
Do we treat them with respect and gratefulness?
How will we get back what we carelessly lose now?

Energy fuels our greatest addiction as a species.
The whole planet is nothing but energy,
yet all we do is burn it up, faster and faster…

Please handle your addiction.
Beginning now.

In Love and Hope,

One of Your Species